The SPEDION App's new feature: 'InTruck Payment'

22 June 2022

The new digital payment feature means drivers can now pay for fuel at stations owned by HOYER (a SPEDION partner) right from their cab via the SPEDION App. The InTruck Payment feature only requires drivers have a HOYERCard fuel card stored in the SPEDION App for their vehicle.

Using InTruck Payment is also simple: The driver uses the SPEDION App to select the HOYER filling station they want to visit. At the station, the driver taps the app to select the fuel pump they want to use and refuels the vehicle as usual. After filling up, the driver can return to the vehicle to complete payment via the SPEDION App and immediately resume their journey.

An explanatory video on YouTube demonstrates how the new InTruck Payment feature works on the SPEDION App.

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