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Are you fascinated by new technologies? Are you curious about how an app works? Or have you already programmed one yourself? Great, then you've come to the right place! Because all these activities are based on information and telecommunication technology systems. Of course, this doesn't just apply to leisure time. In working life, too, companies rely more on IT-controlled procedures and processes, for example, in the forwarding and logistics industry. This is where the use of telematics (a mix of telecommunications and IT) in vehicles can contribute to, among other things, more economical, safer driving, simplified communication and the automation of business processes. Since 2002, SPEDION has been developing state-of-the-art telematics solutions for the transport industry with highly efficient features and tools.

What we offer

Apprenticeship + study programme

Two in one – practical vocational training and university study


Student or orientation traineeships in development field


IT specialist appreticeships in a variety of fields

Apprenticeship + study programme

An apprenticeship is great, but are you looking for something more?

Along with becoming an IT specialist at SPEDION, you also study for a degree in software design as part of the study programme from the Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences. The advantage? You get two recognised qualifications at the same time! Please contact the university for details.

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Student and try-out internship

You can complete an internship with us anytime as a student or as a voluntary try-out intern.

During the internship, you will learn about our app and web development department, and you can test your skills as a programmer with some small tasks.

You can apply anytime. Please send us your CV and most recent school report by email to bewerbung(at)

We look forward to hearing about your ideas!

Career orientation internship

We offer you the opportunity to complete an internship of up to three months in our product development department for career orientation purposes. You will not only gain an insight into our app, web or backend development but also become familiar with our customer support, project management and production teams.

The internship for career orientation is an ideal way to get to know SPEDION in advance, for example, before starting your apprenticeship or dual study programme with us.

You can apply anytime. Please send us your CV and most recent school report by email to bewerbung(at)

Try-out day

Come and visit SPEDION on a try-out day for a short tour to better acquaint yourself with the range of areas where you could be working.

You can apply anytime. Please send us your CV and most recent school report by email to bewerbung(at)


You will learn about many different areas during your apprenticeship as an IT specialist at SPEDION. In our product development department, you can get actively involved in app, web and backend development and learn about different languages such as HTML, CSS, Java, Swift, JS, C# or Kotlin. You will also get an insight into the work of our technical support, project, and production teams.

Apprenticeship opportunities at SPEDION

IT specialists work in a wide range of different fields. At SPEDION, we offer comprehensive apprenticeships in every field, including application development, system integration, data and process analysis and digital networking. Product development is one of the main areas of focus at SPEDION.

IT specialist

IT specialist

Application development

Using software development tools, apprentices design and implement software applications according to customer requirements as well as modify existing applications, test, and rectify faults.

IT specialist

System integration

Using suitable hardware and software components, apprentices design and implement complex IT systems, rectify faults, manage and train users.

IT specialist

Data and process analysis

Based on the increasingly growing amount of digital data collected, apprentices develop IT solutions to analyse and optimise digital production and business processes, check and analyse data sources, create access and user concepts and ensure data protection.

IT specialist

Digital networking

As the point of contact between IT and production, apprentices plan and implement network environments, automate processes, ensure the security of IT systems and applications, provide protection against hacker attacks and carry out fault diagnoses.

This is how to apply:

Apprenticeships commence 1 September each year and take place alternately in the company, SPEDION, and the Miltenberg-Obernburg vocational school. There are no formal admission requirements for the application; however, possessing an interest in technology, manual dexterity, and English language skills is an advantage.

Have any questions about the apprenticeship? We are always available to help!

We look forward to receiving your application. Please send your documents as a PDF to SPEDION GmbH by email to: SPEDION GmbH / bewerbung(at)

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our training coordinator Saskia Aulbach by sending an email to /

Applications for the Miltenberg-Obernburg vocational school can be submitted on their website. The school year starts every year at the beginning of September.
You can apply from spring until the end of the summer holidays.

As a trainee at SPEDION, you are one hundred percent part of the team from the very beginning and work closely with your colleagues. You will be given your own tasks and projects where you can use your strengths and implement your own ideas.
Image Tobias Schultes

Tobias Schultes

My name is Tobias, and I am a software developer at SPEDION. I am responsible for our apps and the backend.

Questions? Enquiries?

Our training coordinator Saskia Aulbach will be happy to hear from you.