SPEDION's application process

We will consider your application with an open mind, your personality and skills, and check which job with us is the right one for you. The following information will help ensure your application is a resounding hit right from the start.

Supporting documents

Outdated documents are not helpful to us at SPEDION. Please send us your CV and supporting documents from the last three years.

Submit digitally

Send your application to bewerbung(at)spedion.de – and you're done!

Application confirmation

Our HR department will get back to you within three days to confirm that your application has arrived.

Getting to know one another

Think you're a good fit for us? To help us find out, we invite you to meet with us – either on-site or online via video conference.

Join SPEDION on a trial basis

After the initial interview, we may hire you on a trial basis. This is an opportunity to learn more about the company. This gives you a real impression of your future working environment – and shows us your work skills doing day-to-day activities.

We sign the employment contract

Have we reached an agreement? Then we will finalise the details of your employment contract. Once you sign, you become part of the SPEDION team.

Welcome to SPEDION

We look forward to having you on board!

Interested in working for us?

Then apply now at SPEDION!