Spedition Gritzbach GmbH & Co.KG

„The use of the SPEDION app has significantly simplified communication with our drivers. The SPEDION portal and the SPEDION portal app allow the administration and management to keep track of the current tour status and the drivers' driving and resting times at all times. The scheduling department can tell immediately whether the time slots are being adhered to or whether there are any delays.

In addition, the data transmitted via the SPEDION app enables us to evaluate the mileage of the vehicles and also the driving behaviour - our drivers receive a bonus for sustainable driving." – October 2021

Theresa Gritzbach-Hagner, Managing Director


Siemensstraße 6

D-73469 Riesbürg

Tel.: +49 9081 29094 0

Fax.: +49 9081 29094 19