Hans Ihro GmbH, Neuenstein

"Support and service at SPEDION are more than excellent. In summer 2016, we equipped our entire fleet of more than 200 vehicles with the mobile telematics solution SPEDION App, optimising all internal processes. We supply the construction and automotive industries - where extremely punctual delivery times and many customer-specific features have to be taken into account.

With the SPEDION app, we can customise all processes to the needs of each individual customer and have become completely flexible. For example, the number and content of the questions for the departure check can be customised on request. This allows us to guarantee that the driver fulfils all of the end customer's requirements." – May 2017

Alexander Mack, Controlling


Hochfeldstraße 9-14

D-74632 Neuenstein

Tel.: +49 7942-9101 0