KRUG Internationale Spedition und Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Alheim-Heinebach

"The telematics system we had been using since 2006 had no relation to the work order. However, we wanted to actively involve the driver. Our main aim was to reduce the amount of communication by phone in order to simply bring more calm to the dispatching process. This works with the SPEDION app - the contact simply came at exactly the right time.

We now have our entire fleet converted. And I can say: SPEDION is an interface expert. The connection to our freight forwarding software was implemented quickly. Thanks to the exact data from the driver card, the dispatcher and driver are now on the same page when it comes to driving, resting and working times. And I think it's impressive that all this can be solved with off-the-shelf technology, so to speak. We feel we are in good hands with our new telematics system." – July 2012

Christian Weber, Controlling


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