Pickelmann GmbH, Betzenstein

„Our drivers used to write a weekly report on their routes and refuelling every week by hand and hand it in to us. Today - after the introduction of the SPEDION app - this is no longer necessary. Now the system automatically and accurately creates a monthly report for each individual employee. This is just one example of how SPEDION has simplified and streamlined the processes in our company.

Via the SPEDION portal, we in administration always have a direct overview of the driving and resting times of all drivers and vehicles and can react quickly to deviations. The drivers themselves also have a minute-by-minute overview of their times and are optimally supported in their work - for example by navigating to specific destinations such as specific petrol stations. This allows them to concentrate fully on their core task: The safe journey to the customer.“ – May 2017

Patrick Fleischmann, IT Supervisor


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