H. & H. Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG Güterkraftverkehr & Spedition, Heide

"We have been active in the transport industry for more than a hundred years, currently mainly with heavy goods or special transports, scheduled services, local and long-distance transport and transport to Italy. Since 2013, we have been coordinating our 50 vehicles with the SPEDION app.

From the beginning, the aim was to improve communication with the drivers and to have a well-functioning interface to the freight forwarding and expenses software. The excellent overview of our fleet throughout Europe brings us many advantages. We in the dispatch department - and therefore also our customers - benefit above all from the information on the planned arrival time without having to contact the driver. We can also support drivers much better in their work, for example if they can't find their destination or by displaying their remaining driving times directly on the tablet" – May 2017

Heiko Schmidt, Dispatch/Personnel


Hinrich-Schmidt-Str. 20

D-25746 Heide

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