Walter Schmitt GmbH Spedition & Lagerei, Bietigheim

„We decided in favour of SPEDION around six years ago and equipped the 60 or so vehicles in our fleet with Samsung Galaxy tablets plus the SPEDION app. Important requirements for the system were the monitoring of just-in-time transports, the evaluation of telemetry data and the monitoring of driving and rest times - which works wonderfully.

Our drivers benefit above all from the simplified communication with the dispatching department and the reduction in phone calls. On the other hand, we can process the transmission of orders to the drivers much more quickly and easily and also have an up-to-date overview of driving and resting times, idle times, fuel consumption and important technical data such as mileage.

In the event of damage, the drivers send us pictures of the breakdown or accident so that we can react promptly. We are completely satisfied with the system and the support from the SPEDION team.“ – May 2017

Christian Schmitt, Fleet Manager


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