Apprenticeships and training with SPEDION

No more excuses! If you're looking for a job with great long-term potential, you should come and talk to us. We have a wide range of apprenticeship and training options and opportunities for school leavers or those seeking a career change and thinking about retraining. Besides training with us as an Information Technology assistant, we also offer training in our core business: telematics, a combination of telecommunications and informatics technology (IT). We have many options from which to choose. What would you prefer? Practical vocational training like an apprenticeship to be an IT specialist? A dual work-study programme? A course of study with practical phases in the company? Or a full-time course of study with an internship semester in our company?

Now it's up to you! Our website's new training section outlines the areas of study we offer as a training company and employer and what we'd like to know about you. Take a look around our website, and if you are interested, please contact our training coordinator, Verena Becker.