Check the trailer temperature at a glance – even on the road!

Not sure if your trailer temperatures are still within the defined range? SPEDION users can now check this anytime even while they're on the road, and without leaving the vehicle. With the SPEDION App's new Trailer Management feature, drivers can now see their trailer temperatures right on their mobile device.

We use interfaces to access the temperature data from the trailer manufacturer's sensors, making it available in the SPEDION App and the SPEDIONline web portal, or sent to a Transport Management System (TMS) to which the vehicle may be connected. In this way, management and drivers always have an overview of their trailer temperatures. The system records the temperature from all the sensors within the trailer throughout the entire trip. The data is also available to head office for evaluation and archiving. The app also gives drivers a warning if, at any time, the temperature falls outside the target range.

"Our solutions allow transport companies of any size to digitalise and automate their business processes," says SPEDION Managing Director Günter Englert. "For example, our SPEDION App provides all the data they need to optimise route planning and streamline order processing. At SPEDION, we always keep our eyes and ears open for any new challenges facing our customers. And by continuing to develop new features for our products, we think we're doing our bit to make the working lives of our customers easier."