Doppelgänger stars of logistics: REICHHART role in image campaign

As an owner-operator logistics service provider with around 1,000 employees across twenty locations in Central Europe, our SPEDION customer REICHHART Logistik is one of the industry's leading companies. The family-owned company is extraordinary for several reasons. Not only has it more than fifty years of experience in transport logistics, plant logistics, warehousing, sequencing/assembly and digital logistics, with a history of green logistics and sustainable environment-friendly business practices, but its employees are also really jaw-dropping! To see what we mean, check out the short film REICHHART has released as part of the industry campaign Logistics is Who We Are.

The REICHHART film is part of a broader campaign by the business group 'Die Wirtschaftsmacher' (The Business Makers) to raise awareness about the logistics sector's diverse job opportunities. And anyone who wonders whether they're starting to see double watching REICHHART's 30-second contribution would be right because the film features two employees, Dominik and Florian Stöckl, brothers, who are also identical twins!

That gets a double thumbs-up from us. It's a great way to promote the company as well as the profession.