European Court of Justice ruling on toll reimbursement: File a claim by 31.12.

Even though proceedings have yet to fully conclude, anyone who has a potential claim for reimbursement of excessive toll charges should file them with the Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG) by 31 December 2020, before the statute of limitations runs out. The association Genossenschaftsverband – Verband der Regionen also has a section on this in its latest newsletter.

In a 28 October 2020 ruling, the European Court of Justice said the German toll calculation was in breach of European law because it included irrelevant items like traffic police costs when calculating infrastructure costs. The judgement is a preliminary ruling, and the German courts may file an appeal.

Even so, businesses should check claims for reimbursement and submit them in writing to the BAG by the end of the year. On request, the Genossenschaftsverband association can send its members a form letter to help them claim. Alternatively, companies can submit claims to BAG through their legal departments or lawyers.