For you to watch: Digitalise your dispatch

Efficient route planning and streamlined customer service are more straightforward than you might think. In their online seminar "No more pen and paper: Digitalise your dispatch office", SPEDION employee Karl-Josef Daume, together with Sebastian Wehowski and colleagues from the PTV Group, explained every aspect of how algorithmic route optimisation, automatic notification and shipment tracking with real-time ETA are all possible with the right solutions.

Our truck telematics solution, the SPEDION App, can play a decisive role here. By linking the arrival time based on real-time traffic information calculated by the truck's navigation system with the drivers' actual driving and rest times, our Android telematics solution calculates a far more accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) for your dispatcher. Via the SPEDIONline web portal, the dispatcher also has an overview of all vehicle and driver data like status messages concerning a shipment or specific details on a driver's driving behaviour. And with the document management feature, essential documents such as the driver's logbook, load safety certificates, etc., can be transferred directly to the driver's mobile device and kept up to date at the click of a mouse.

Drivers also benefit from our easy-to-use telematics solution for Android devices through automated processes that they can customise to suit their particular requirements. These include the digital checklist for departure control, convenient messaging options for communicating with the dispatcher, and simplified procedures documentation—which could also be in the form of photos or illustrations. And for drivers, there is also a handy language translation programme.

Did you miss the seminar? Don't worry. You haven't missed the digital revolution! The one-hour online event is available 24/7 on the PTV website for your convenience. We're sure it will inspire you!