LOGENIOS celebrates launch at Transport Logistic

Very few industry people fail to visit transport logistic in Munich, the world's largest trade show for the transport industry. The entire logistics value-added chain is represented there, with new products, information and ideas. Along with the nine exhibition halls, there is also an open-air exhibition area (which can sometimes be overlooked). The LOGENIOS eG member companies used the trade show to introduce themselves and their products to an international audience. SPEDION's Günter Englert and Wolfram Grohse, board members of LOGENIOS, felt it was the perfect opportunity to launch the cooperative venture officially, and invited visitors to the joint LOGENIOS / SPEDION exhibition stand to celebrate with a Bavarian-style breakfast on Friday.

We were delighted so many of our partners from the logistics and software sectors, as well as interested guests, accepted our invitation to celebrate with us. Afterwards, Sales Manager Frank Michalk delivered a report on the status of the joint project – a cross-system data routing platform for the uninterrupted digital exchange of real-time shipment information.

Thanks to all our partners and trade show visitors who celebrated the launch of LOGENIOS with us!