New look for ELFLEIN's LNG fleet

Since 2020, one of SPEDION's customers has been gradually adding liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks to its fleet. That company is ELFLEIN, a transport and logistics specialist in the automotive, paper, and food sectors, with its head office in Bamberg, Upper Franconia, Germany. Though there's a higher initial cost with LNG, the company regards the investment in the technology as an essential step in reducing the impact of transport on the climate—liquefied natural gas produces 15% less CO2 than diesel-powered vehicles.

Starting initially with just three LNG-powered vehicles, the company now operates a fleet of 42 trucks running on natural gas. ELFLEIN has also designed a new trailer tarp for these trucks. The new design takes the spiral lines painted on the side of the cab and continues them onto the trailer tarpaulins. Five of ELFLEIN's LNG trucks have already been upgraded with the new design, making them instantly recognisable as LNG vehicles.

We wish the ELFLEIN team many kilometres of happy motoring!