Nuremberg Zoo's new attraction: a bistro made from ELA

The Nuremberg zoo has a new bistro made from premium containers designed and manufactured by one of our SPEDION customers, ELA Container. An article in bauMAGAZIN (7/2020) revealed the new 45-square-metre highly-functional space came equipped with the latest in kitchen appliances and fittings, leaving nothing to be desired by the bistro operator. The bistro also includes sophisticated electrical safety systems, large sliding servery windows, and a facade design that creates a harmonious relationship between the building and its surroundings.

ELA Container is a family-owned company founded in 1972. Headquartered in Haren, Lower Saxony, the company has several locations in Germany, including subsidiaries throughout Europe. And entrusting the company with developing the container concept for the bistro was an excellent choice. After all, the ELA team brings with it a wealth of experience in creating custom-designed versatile space. The company owns 35,000 'high-performance containers', designed in-house and equipped according to individual customer requirements. And if desired, ELA can develop a stylish design for your new space and disguise the container underneath, as in the Nuremberg Zoo.