SPEDION and our customers in the trade press

Everyone who has ever used the SPEDION App is quickly convinced of how good it is. This was certainly the case with two of our customers: HELO GmbH Logistics & Services and Krause Transporte KG. We now support these transport service providers with practical, tailored solutions and interfaces for the efficient digitalisation and automation of their business processes – an increasingly important factor for staying competitive in a tight market. HELO, a freight forwarder from Weißenfels (Saxony-Anhalt), works exclusively with subcontractors for the handling of their orders. In HELO's situation, for example, with the SPEDION App and the interfaces we provided, they can now access information about the current status of their drivers at any time, even though they are subcontractors. And vehicles can also be continuously monitored using features like geofencing. The trade magazines considered the solution so significant they published several detailed articles on it. Here are two to have a look at: 'Näher am Fahrer' (Nearer to the Driver) from VerkehrsRUNDSCHAU, issue 3-4/2019, p. 32-33, and 'Immer informiert auf Tour' (Always Well-Informed on Tour) from Stahltransport, issue 3/19, p. 21.

The trade magazine transport also published a report on our SPEDION customers. The article 'More than Data Transmission', issue 3/2019, p. 23/24 (available in full to subscribers), details HELO's experience with our solution, and looks at the solution we developed together with Krause-Transporte. Krause is a member of the International Logistic Network (ILN) and Systemtransport auf Rädern (S.T.a.R.) strategic-alliances. The Leipzig-based freight forwarder is focused on efficient transports for small to medium-sized cargo, and uses optimisation to maximise load capacity. One example of the productivity gains due to the SPEDION App, is that now Krause employees can scan the shipping documents required by the alliances, with the camera on their mobile device. If a signature is required, it is also digitally generated via the mobile device.

We are delighted with all the media coverage our SPEDION customers receive and say and thank you for their tremendous work!