SPEDION customers in VR telematics special

Within a supply chain, the exchange of digital data between the parties involved is essential for optimal workflows and process planning. However, in practice, the use of different IT systems can cause this flow of data to stall repeatedly. The more parties, the more IT systems involved, the more complicated the process becomes.

In such a scenario, LOGENIOS eG offers a convenient and efficient solution. By developing generic interfaces between the different IT systems, the LOGENIOS cooperative of expert logistics and software providers has created a common platform for the uninterrupted flow of data along the entire supply chain. All parties have real-time access to the data, while still continuing to use the IT system they are familiar with.

Every day, we see SPEDION customers like Speditions- und Handelsgesellschaft Ludwig mbH from Dreis-Brück and the forwarding company Müller GmbH from Mehren, benefitting from the LOGENIOS solution. Together with Kurt Rothschild GmbH & Co KG from Ulmen, these three transport service providers form the LMR consortium, which, along with two other partners, handle most of the shipping volume for the mineral water producer Gerolsteiner Brunnen. Thanks to the LOGENIOS solution, all their shipping data can now be transmitted without interruption. Now, the client, the transport companies involved, and the recipients, can all receive status updates on a delivery and monitor it in real-time.

More details on this success story are available in the special issue on telematics published in the trade journal verkehrsRUNDSCHAU, issue 36/2019. In this, the LMR consortium managers report on how the LOGENIOS solution has made their forwarding partners' processes more efficient and transparent in handling orders for the mineral water producer Gerolsteiner Brunnen. The company's contribution titled 'Optimierter Datenfluß für das ‚Wasser mit Stern'' (Optimised Data Flow for the Water with a Star) can be found on pages 50/51 – and also online here. We hope you enjoy reading it!