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SPEDION has interfaces for many industry software systems. These ensure the safe, smooth integration of a SPEDION solution into your existing IT infrastructure. By efficiently harnessing the power of your telematics data with our partners, we can help plan to grow your business.

Archiving & Analysis

Archive your tachograph records and automate the analysis of your telematics data

Certified App Partners

Boost the functionality of your SPEDION App with innovative tools from our certified app partners

Consultancy Services & Programs

Benefit from the support of specialised advisory service providers

Fleet Management Software

Send tours from your fleet management software to your vehicles and track their progress

Freight Exchange

Allow your customers direct access to the current status of a transfer order.

Manufacturer-independent Telematics Platform

Streamline your customer service with up-to-the-minute information on the current delivery status


Use our professional navigation system for safe, efficient and reliable route guidance

Sales Partners

SPEDION's global sales partners can also help you take full advantage of our telematics expertise

Trailer Telematics

Integrate the telematics data from your trailers, such as temperature measurements, into the SPEDIONline web portal

Tyre Monitoring Systems

Monitor the pressure and temperature of your tyres using the SPEDION App and SPEDIONline

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Archiving & Analysis

Telematics provides freight forwarders, transporters, and logistics companies with vast amounts of vehicle and driver data. And SPEDION helps you manage that volume of daily operating data - and make sense of it! Our solutions feature intelligent interfaces that permit us to integrate them into other industry software and tachograph archiving systems.

This is how pure data becomes valuable information. And every department within your company can have it at their fingertips. We have well-established collaborative relationships with leading fleet management and industry software suppliers.

The interfaces that result from these partnerships allow us to integrate your system into our overall solution seamlessly.

SPEDION has interfaces for software systems from the following suppliers:

Certified App Partners

The SPEDION App features numerous efficient, sustainable and future-proof fleet management solutions.

We work closely with suppliers of complementary solutions, so our users can get the most out of our applications. For example, freight transporters can feed tour data directly from the SPEDION App into a third-party fuel management solution they may be running.

Our SPEDION certified app partners:

Consultancy Services & Programs

Data collected via telematics enables numerous evaluations that support process and cost optimisation. For example, the ECO-FMS data can be used to see where there is potential for more economical, more efficient driving.

The acquisition of a telematics system can be subsidised through various means. Independent service providers nationwide advise on current funding options, support transport companies in applying for funding, in dealing with the authorities and in the ongoing monitoring of the measure.

Specialised providers for driver training as well as providers of e-learning platforms for training and further education also support transport companies in the area of training.

Fleet Management Software

Today, supply chain processes can be handled digitally - from inventory management to route planning and delivery. So finding a modern fleet management system that can meet your demands is now essential for a transport company's viability.

Together with your system administrator, we can integrate our telematics software into the infrastructure of your fleet management system - without disrupting your operations.

With SPEDION, you can connect to fleet management software from the following suppliers:

Freight Exchange

A freight exchange is a digital platform that connects transport companies with shippers. These online services are modern-day transhipment centres.

SPEDION works in concert with several licensed freight exchange operators to further support its customers. Using the SPEDION App, our users can also display their vehicle position on a SPEDION partner's freight exchange portal. That way, the client can always view the status of an order in real-time.

SPEDION works together with the following freight exchange operators:

Manufacturer-independent Telematics Platform

Logistics platforms permit the bidirectional flow and real-time overview of telematics data on a single user interface, independent of the telematics system.

Relevant tour and order data can then be analysed and displayed using customisable data dashboards.
The data from vehicles using SPEDION software is also included - including data from subcontractors. This way, all parties in a logistics chain stay informed about an order's current delivery status.

SPEDION works together with these manufacturer-independent telematics platforms / tracking platforms:

Completing shipping orders on time lays the foundation for trustworthy customer relationships. And truck navigation systems play a crucial role here. They provide real-time information on traffic conditions to determine the best route for your vehicle.

Navigation systems can notify shippers of an order's ETA. They also help transport companies save on fuel and personnel resources and streamline scheduling.

SPEDION works together with the following suppliers of fleet navigation systems:

Sales Partners

SPEDION also has international sales partners specialising in partial or all-in-one solutions for fleet companies and added our Android telematics SPEDION App to their product line.

In addition, several fleet management and dispatch software suppliers and telematics platform operators have integrated the SPEDION App into their solutions, customised to their individual needs.

SPEDION works together with the following sales partners:

Trailer Telematics

Trailer telematics can track a trailer's position and check on the temperature or status of the freight inside.

Through interfaces we developed for several leading suppliers of trailer telematics systems, our SPEDIONline portal and SPEDION App can display the trailer data and transfer it to the users' fleet management system. This gives operators a digital overview of all the essential data relating to the load at all times.

SPEDION has interfaces for the following suppliers:

Tyre Monitoring Systems

Tyre monitoring systems use sensors to record the tyre data from tractor units, trailers or articulated vehicles. And continuous updates on tyre pressure and temperature help prevent blowouts and improve a vehicle's fuel economy.

SPEDION works with several manufacturers of professional tyre monitoring systems so that you can view your tyre data at a glance on the SPEDION App or SPEDIONline portal.

SPEDION has interfaces for the following suppliers:

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