Inform employees: Simple. Direct. Personally.

Driver info app - everything at a glance on a personal mobile device

Our LUCY App keeps your employees informed and prepared for the workday, no matter where they are. Using the app on their own mobile devices, they can quickly and easily access documents, work-related data, and messages.

Now, drivers can keep an eye on important data such as driving and rest times, view upcoming tours at any time or location, even when they're not in the vehicle – all independently of the SPEDION App.

The LUCY app is currently available in 14 languages: In addition to German and English, Bulgarian, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish, Czech and Hungarian. The language displayed corresponds to the user language set on the mobile device. If this is not yet available in the LUCY app, English is automatically selected.

LUCY App with corporate branding

Incorporate up to two brand colours into central elements of the LUCY App user interface.

Business management with SPEDIONline Administration

The SPEDIONline administration feature's familiar user environment makes it simple to invite employees to use the LUCY App, assign permissions, and share documents.

Flexible in use

The LUCY App runs on Android or iOS mobile devices and in all the most widely used web browsers.

Image of benefits LUCY App

Do you want your company branding incorporated into the LUCY App for your employees? No problem


Simple and easy message sharing between your employees and the dispatch office no matter the location.

  • Send and receive messages

  • Attach photos and documents

  • Push notifications for new messages

Image for feature Messages


Your drivers can view upcoming assignments regardless of their location before they begin work.

  • Overview of current tours

  • Display information about each stop, including the delivery address, loading details, and timeslots

  • Push notifications for new or updated tours

Image for feature Tours

Driving and rest times

Avoid violations – view remaining driving times at a glance to stay compliant with the regulations

  • Overview of weekly remaining driving and work times

  • Up to the minute display of the upcoming rest period, including its minimum duration or start time of the next possible tour

Image for feature Driving and rest times


Driver training saves on fuel!

  • Overall assessment of total distance travelled based on fuel consumption

  • Evaluation of idling times, excessive braking, avoidable stops, anticipatory driving, high speeds and rpm, etc.

  • View up to a year of ECO data

Image for feature ECO-Rating


View and review documentation away from the vehicle, independently of the SPEDION App.

  • Simple document sharing via SPEDIONline Administration

  • Access important documents any time

  • Read confirmation when the driver has received and opened the document

Image for feature Documents

Encrypted documents

Direct communication tool to each individual recipient thanks to encryption of personal documents with sensitive data. Only the relevant driver can open the documents assigned to him with his document key.

  • Transmission of personal documents such as payroll, expense reports, instructions, infringement evaluations, etc.

  • In combination with the read confirmation, it is also recorded that the driver has received and opened the document

  • Each user assigns their own document key

Image for feature Encrypted documents


SPEDIONline's familiar user interface makes it simple to manage the LUCY App.

  • Manage the LUCY App using SPEDIONline's administration feature

  • Drivers are automatically invited to use the LUCY app in the language that is stored as the language for the respective driver. If this is a language into which the LUCY app has not yet been translated, English is automatically selected.

  • Individual permissions management

  • Select a vehicle and assign a driver

Image for feature Administration

Do you have any requests or suggestions for the LUCY App or changes you'd like to see?

Talk to us about them.