SPEDION Navigation

For trucks. Active traffic jam avoidance. With ETA.

From a single source: SPEDION App with its own SPEDION Navigation

With SPEDION Navigation, SPEDION is integrating its own truck navigation into the SPEDION App. Licence fees, expiring licences and outdated map material are now a thing of the past. With SPEDION Navigation, you can route your drivers based on the TomTom Navigation algorithms for route planning and the latest online map material from TomTom.

The SPEDION App is a prerequisite for using SPEDION Navigation. Billing is based on the SPEDION pay-per-use model as a monthly combined fee.

Driving with foresight

Live traffic data guarantees up-to-date traffic information at all times. Routes can be optimally planned, and traffic jams and road closures proactively avoided. The system also calculates the current arrival time.

Always up-to-date map material

With SPEDION Navigation, there is no need to buy additional map licences. Your drivers always have access to the maps from TomTom. The routes are automatically adapted to the latest information about new roads or lane changes.


In line with the transparent payment model of the SPEDION App, there are no fixed-term contracts for the use of SPEDION Navigation. A fixed monthly fee is charged per vehicle, as long as the vehicle is in use.

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SPEDION Navigation can only be used in combination with the SPEDION App.

Billing is based on a combined usage fee.

Truck Navigation

  • Consideration of truck profiles
  • Length, height & width of the vehicle
  • Weight & axle load of the truck
  • Centralised management of vehicle profiles and navigation settings
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Hazardous materials / ADR

  • Consideration of truck profiles in the transport of dangerous goods
  • Tunnel codes: B, C, D, E
  • Explosives, hazardous substances & water-polluting substances
  • Centralised management of vehicle profiles
Image for feature Hazardous materials / ADR

Route guidance

  • Route profiles for the fastest, shortest and most economical route
  • Destinations from the route transferred to the SPEDION App are transferred to the navigation system
  • Route planning including three alternative routes
  • Input of intermediate destinations (POIs along the route can also be selected)
  • Flexible addition or removal of stops during the tour
Image for feature Route guidance

Active traffic jam avoidance & ETA

  • Live traffic data
  • Up-to-date traffic jam information with details
  • Proactive information on better, available routes
  • Transmission of the ETA and the route selected by the driver back to the dispatcher
Image for feature Active traffic jam avoidance & ETA

Map view

  • Load maps directly online
    depending on the available data volume
    (currently there are no offline maps available)
  • Satellite view for navigation planning
    (not available during navigation due to high data consumption)
  • Zoom in on the traffic jam on the route with one click
  • Night view in dark mode
  • In addition to the map, detailed route directions can also be displayed
Image for feature Map view

POI & Favourites

  • Display of points of Interest (POI) along the route on the map
  • Details of POIs such as petrol station opening hours, telephone numbers, etc.
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TomTom's map material covers over 34.7 million kilometres of roads around the world, includes local speed limits and more than one million points of interest. The estimated time of arrival is calculated at any time of the day based on comprehensive speed data documented over long periods of time. Each journey provides data to improve navigation intelligence, optimising route planning for all users.

SPEDION integrates the online map material for trucks from TomTom into SPEDION Navigation and routes your drivers via GPS based on the map SDK and the navigation SDK from TomTom. The prerequisite for online use of the maps is a corresponding data volume.

SPEDION Navigation follows the well-established SPEDION pay-per-use model with monthly billing and no contract commitment.

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