• SPEDION Portal App – for management with convenient flexibility

The controlling tool for when you're on the go – anytime, anywhere

Previously, messages to drivers using the SPEDION App, could only be sent from a PC, but now company owners and freight planners registered to use the SPEDION Portal App, can monitor and control the operational activities of all their vehicles, while on the road. Similar to the driver app, the SPEDION Portal App also runs on a standard tablet or smartphone with internet access, and can therefore operate anywhere and with a lot of flexibility.

Install the SPEDION Portal App on your mobile device running either Android 4.0 or Apple iOS 8.0 onward.

Mobile telematics

The SPEDION Portal App displays all registered drivers and route tracking including stops on Google Maps (optional traffic or satellite view), and provides valuable information about routes, like driver and vehicle number, status of driving and resting times, last activity, remaining driving time and all relevant telematics data (mileage, speed, fuel level, total consumption etc.). Messages with optional attachments can be read, written and sent via the message centre.


  • Fleet needs to be equipped with the SPEDION App
  • Access to the SPEDIONline portal
  • Set up user rights for the app through SPEDION support
  • Mobile device with Android 4.0 or iOS 8.0 onward
  • Internet access

Vehicle Overview

  • List of all vehicles registered to use the SPEDION App with current position and status (standing, driving), also in map view
  • Sorting by vehicle, driver, daily remaining driving time, location or activity
  • Selection by vehicle groups possible

Vehicle details

  • Display details of a selected vehicle, like telematics data, driving and resting times, position and ETA information, route tracking with all routes and stops of the day
  • Messaging function: compose and send messages, bring up message centre and display messages exchanged between selected vehicles

Message centre

  • Display messages from all or from only selected vehicles using filter function
  • Compose and send a message to selected vehicle or multiple recipients
  • Download and view message attachments
  • Mark messages as read

Route tracking

  • Display route tracking with all routes and stops of the day

Driver overview

  • Status of driving and resting times, remaining driving time, last activity, break indicator

Search function

  • Easy search by vehicle or driver name