• SPEDIONline – comprehensive data processing for targeted management and control of your fleet

The telematics web portal – the vehicle fleet always in view

Our SPEDIONline web portal gives you user-friendly access to complex information and large amounts of data, and real-time monitoring of all your operational vehicle fleet activities at any time, like real-time tracking, vehicle positioning, overview of vehicle and driver activities, as well as up-to-date information from the digital tachograph, map view with route tracking and route information, or a detailed view of a single vehicle including its activity history. Eco reports can also be downloaded and archived as Excel files for each vehicle. The messaging feature allows you to exchange text messages between the dispatch center and the vehicles, even with attachments.

Trailer telematics

Since 2015, trailer telematics for towing vehicles can also be displayed in the SPEDION web portal. Trailers can now be identified by driver, ident tag or the trailer's telematics, and are all integrated into the SPEDION App.

SPEDIONline login

Log in to the new version of our SPEDIONline web portal with your username and password to analyse the data about your vehicles.

Map view of route tracking and route information with vehicle positioning and real-time route tracing

  • Display details of a selected vehicle: telematics data, driving and rest times, position and ETA information
  • Route tracking with all routes and stops taken by a driver

Driver activities and remaining driving time

  • List all drivers registered with the SPEDION App
  • Status of driving and rest times, remaining driving time, last activity, break indicator

Vehicle messaging and up-to-date tachograph data

  • List all vehicles registered to use the SPEDION App with current position and mobility status (standing, driving). View them on the map as well at the same time
  • Sort by vehicle, driver, daily remaining driving time, location or activity
  • Select by vehicle groups to display only the selected vehicles in the list or on the map

Message centre

  • View message communication with the selected or all vehicles using display filter
  • Compose and send messages to a single vehicle or to multiple ones
  • Download and view message attachments
  • Markieren von Nachrichten als gelesen
  • Mark messages as 'read'

Eco report & fuel report

  • Monitoring and analysis for improved economy
  • Intuitive data presentation
  • Assessment of driving styles for driver training recommendations
  • Report parameters are set by the back office as required
  • SPEDION Eco-Report for monitoring driving statistics
  • Fuel reports – Refuel monitoring, FMS data presentation, abnormality check between fuel quantity and fuel consumption