Your entire fleet at a glance

Your telematics web portal – detailed data for targeted fleet management

SPEDIONline gives you a complete overview of your vehicle fleet. This includes vehicle location, tracking, an overview of vehicles and driver activities and all the current data from the digital tachograph, a map view with route tracking and route information or a detailed view of a single-vehicle including its activity history. By linking the expected time of arrival (ETA) data with the actual driving and rest times with regard to the current traffic conditions, the dispatcher can now estimate a vehicle's ETA to the minute. This degree of accuracy is crucial for efficient planning and streamlining customer service. Eco reports for each vehicle can also be downloaded and archived as Excel files. And the messaging feature allows you to send and receive text messages with attachments.

Simple, adaptable and usage-based

Our web portal SPEDIONline makes complex information and large amounts of data accessible in a user-friendly way and allows you to have an up-to-date view of your vehicle fleet at all times.

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Map View

  • Display route tracking and route information for vehicle location and tracking

  • Display details of a selected vehicle: telematics data, driving and rest times, position and ETA information

  • Display route tracking with all routes and stops for the day

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Route Tracking

  • Precise map of planned and actual route driven

  • Trailer data collection

  • Notifications in case of predefined events or activities such as traffic jams, start of loading and unloading, etc.

  • Detailed information on individual sections of the route

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Quick Selection

  • Display the data of selected vehicles

  • Quick, easy selection of single vehicles or vehicle groups

  • Easy filtering by geofence and geofence groups

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Remaining Driving Time

  • Display list of drivers logged into the SPEDION App

  • Status of driving and rest times, remaining driving time, last activity, break indicator

  • Mobility package I: Automated driver alert in case of extended daily or weekly driving time, automatic update of driver's driving and rest times

  • Cross-border transport: the system automatically displays the entry if the driver's weekly rest period is reduced

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Vehicle Overview

  • List of vehicles logged into the SPEDION App showing vehicle messages and current tachograph data

  • Send messages to selected vehicles via Directchat feature

  • Overview of all tours by selected vehicle

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Message Centre

  • Display messages from all or selected vehicles with filter function

  • Write and send messages to a selected vehicle or multiple recipients

  • Display message attachments, download and view

  • Mark messages as read

  • Send and receive documents and photos

  • Confirm receipt of documents by signature

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ECO, Fuel and Mileage Reports

  • Check and compare data from the SPEDION App on fuel consumption and mileage.

  • Generate selected data such as the cost, quantity, fuel level and total and average consumption in easy-to-read Excel tables

  • Assess driving style for early detection of the need for driver training

  • Controlling via refuelling, FMS data, and visual indication of any anomalies in fuel quantity and consumption for better economy

Image for feature ECO, Fuel and Mileage Reports

POI – Point of Interest

  • Store points of interest on the map that can be used as destinations by the navigation system

  • Define POIs that are relevant to the company

  • POIs can be selected as destinations in the mobile device's navigation system

Image for feature POI – Point of Interest


  • Define the virtual perimeters of your geofence on the map and track the time and progress of vehicles as they enter and exit.

  • Create geofence in any shape and size

  • Assign features such as notifications when entering and leaving a geofence

  • Readout of vehicle progress within a geofence with filtering options for specific times, vehicles and vehicle groups

Image for feature Geofence

Trailer Data

  • Display data on mileage, tyre pressure, total weight, and temperature of the trailers even in different temperature zones (current and in diagram form)

  • Display current and historical fleet data

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  • Manage drivers, vehicles, SPEDIONline users and TruckBoxes

  • Document Management: manage the documents shared with selected drivers or vehicles

  • Vehicle Configuration: define which drivers or vehicles can access specific phone numbers, web pages and messages sent from head office via their mobile device

  • Master Sub: Assign vehicles to other SPEDION customers

  • SPEDION Mobile Control: remote access to Samsung end devices using the SPEDION App

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Tyre Pressure Monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring of tyre pressure and temperature

  • Warning when values exceed or fall below predefined thresholds

  • Display data in SPEDION App and SPEDIONline

  • Connect to the following third-party tyre pressure monitoring systems: the Continental ContiPressureCheck, Alligator sens.it, IMPAQED TPMS, and Michelin EFFITRAILER.

Image for feature Tyre Pressure Monitoring

TOM – Tour & Order Management

  • Tour & Order Management for small companies without fleet management software

  • Web application integrated in SPEDIONline

  • Drivers can create and manage customer data, addresses

  • Create tours from orders (even with multiple stops)

  • Send tours to selected vehicles and receive status updates

  • Toll calculation, job costing and invoicing included

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