• Install our free introductory trial of the SPEDION App and SPEDIONline Portal

With a trial account tailor-made for your business

Is your overall impression of the SPEDION telematics system enough? Or would you prefer to discover the advantage that our SPEDION system can give your company for yourself? Because, for a one-time setup fee, we will install a fully integrated system for your business so that you can try the SPEDION App and SPEDIONline Portal under real conditions over a period of eight weeks. Once connected to your transport management system and the digital tachograph, all the features of our Android-based telematics solution will be available to you and your drivers during the trial phase, including our truck navigation option. For such an extensive trial, all test vehicles must have an Android-based tablet or smartphone installed, as well as a SPEDION TruckBox E.

Our experienced telephone help desk can assist you with any technical issues during the preliminary setup, as well as the trial phase. We can also advise on any equipment that you may require and supply any hardware if necessary.

We look forward to discussing the terms of the trial and the details of the setup with you. For a free trial, please send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.