Consulting & implementation

SPEDION is your partner for telematics-aided process optimisation.

Telematics and telemetry data provide key elements for the optimal management of your fleet transport company. As the basis for analyses and controlling, this data will help you facilitate to improve the planning and management of your fleet, and provide support particularly in the areas of fleet utilisation, driver management and fuel economy.

Analysis of situation and needs

Because every transport or logistics company has its own individual workflows, before you choose a fleet management system, you first need to complete a detailed analysis of your company's situation and requirements – regardless of the size of your vehicle fleet. The transport management system, archiving software, and other downstream programs, should integrate seamlessly with the telematics solution, and all the devices that you use as well. As experienced industry experts, we can provide you with the highest quality consulting and planning – and implementation of a system that's just right for you. Based on your requirements and our know-how, we can develop a highly dynamic system that will ensure your company's workflows are more efficient and flexible. And your employees will benefit from a fast, semi-automated exchange of data between all of your divisions.

The result is a measurable reduction in costs and optimisation of your operational activities – and a great return on your investment.

Your telematics specialist

SPEDION GmbH is your specialist in telematics systems for the transport industry. Since 2002, our customers have benefited from our many years of experience in the logistics sector – and from the fact that our managing directors are specialists in long-distance transport. A comprehensive knowledge of the needs of transport service providers in order processing can bring with it new ideas for innovative products. So in 2010, our Managing Directors, Günter Englert and Wolfram Grohse, with their keen sense for trends, began developing a hitherto novel solution: a mobile telematics application for any device running Android 2.2 onwards (also for so-called industry-standard devices) – the SPEDION App. Since 2011, freight carriers have had a tool they can use to organise and visualise their business processes more transparently and consistently. Our professional telematics solution also has a comparatively low investment cost and is suitable for large and small fleets as well as mixed fleets. Before we make any recommendations, a comprehensive consultation is essential to assess the needs of the customer's organisation.

The ongoing dialogue we have with our customers gives us ideas about new trends or product improvements. Because of our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we work with your best interests in mind, and we do it effectively. Our goal is to address each of your specific needs in a solution-oriented and cost saving way.

Günter Englert

Günter EnglertManaging Director - SPEDION GmbH

Without a contract

With a full range of features on offer, the SPEDION App has low investment costs, making it suitable for small and medium-sized companies as well as for our customers with several hundred vehicles and very high requirements, especially in workflow management.

Bernd SchoobBusiness Development - SPEDION GmbH

The costs to use the SPEDION App are wholly transparent because it is a demand-based, pay-per-use system. There are no fixed-term contracts – just a one-time setup fee and a monthly charge for the service package that you've selected. If the SPEDION App is not used because one of your vehicles is not in service for a complete billing month, there is no cost.

We are pleased to present to you all our modules, the different pricing and billing models for our various service packages, and the opportunity to book training for your employees.

Commercially available hardware, easy installation

The Spedion App is compatible with all Android-based mobile devices. When you choose our powerful telematics system, you are not bound to specific hardware. The cost of suitable commercially available tablets or smartphones is manageable and predictable. Depending on where and how you want to use them, the devices can be installed directly in the vehicle itself or used simply as a mobile device.

After the SPEDION App is installed, we then provide the connection to your freight forwarding system. The SPEDION App already has interfaces for many common transport management systems. Our application provides telematics and telemetry data: So you will also need a Bluetooth adapter to read the live data from the digital tachograph.

Due to the small amount of hardware required to use the SPEDION App, installation of the components is quick, easy and comparatively low in cost: Tablets and smartphones only require a permanent power supply via the vehicle charger. The Bluetooth adapter is connected to the FMS, the tachograph, and the power supply, through the cable set. However, all other connections for data collection and transfer take place wirelessly via your cellular network.

Our four minute video provides you with step by step instructions on how to correctly install the Bluetooth adapter.

We're more than happy to advise you about which mobile devices our customers have had the best experience with when using the app – before you buy. Use our know-how!

Wolfgang GrohseManaging Director - SPEDION GmbH

More accurate planning thanks to real-time arrival times

The possibility to calculate the time of arrival and automatically display driving and resting times were both a tremendous step forward for efficient route planning. But by combining these two functions, the freight planner and driver get notified immediately about the exact status of the delivery, the expected time of arrival of the vehicle and any possible delays, and can make other arrangements if necessary.

Markus Rath

Markus RathKey Account Manager - SPEDION GmbH

Telematics is a central tool for optimising processes in freight transport. With the right telematics solution, freight forwarders can not only navigate, control and monitor their vehicles and drivers, but also oversee driving and resting times, save fuel, use digital documents, and simplify the communication between freight planners and drivers. They can also use the data collected for controlling, fleet management and accounting, as well as determine the arrival of a vehicle with up-to-the-minute accuracy – this adaptive capability is one of the most important factors for optimal route planning and highly efficient order processing.

Since autumn 2016, the SPEDION App has linked the ‘Expected time of arrival according to navigation (ETA)’ function with the ‘Actual driving and resting times (LRZ)’ – while also taking into account the current traffic situation. If the user takes advantage of the resulting up-to-the-minute delivery status messages, then downstream processes can also be influenced. For example, time windows at the ramp can be rearranged, allowing even the customers to optimise their workflow.

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