"As an international freight forwarder specialising in European overland transport, we depend on reliable data. For example, we needed a new telematics system that, at any time, would tell us exactly which tasks our 49 truck drivers had completed, and which ones were still achievable, as well as accurate vehicle positioning and route tracking. So we chose SPEDION. Their messages feature also allows us to give drivers final instructions or last-minute changes without having to call them and saves us a lot of time and effort. The connection to the freight forwarding software also enables complete order monitoring, with destinations or stops sent directly to the driver's navigation system.

We use the route tracking and ECO-reports features to optimise driving behaviour, as well as the document management feature. With this, important information for the driver can be sent to their tablet and verified, if necessary, by signature. We also use the tasks feature to query checklists and complete any requisite documentation. With the remote download feature, travel times are automatically downloaded and archived on the ZAARC system. The corresponding reports are then imported directly into Excel via the minimum wage report feature and processed further. Our drivers like the excellent overview they have of their driving and resting times too – particularly their remaining driving time. We are also delighted with the navigation system. It is now quicker to find POIs, and PTV navigation makes route guidance much easier. And with geofencing, actions can be triggered when entering a set location. In short, the improved information flows and streamlined processes are of great benefit to us." – June 2018

Dieter Gibbels, Forwarding Manager, All Road International GmbH


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