ATLOC Roider GmbH, Adlkofen

  • ATLOC Roider GmbH, Adlkofen

"We equipped our fleet with the SPEDION App in 2016, with the aim to make order processing clearer and to simplify and standardise the communication between our 13 drivers and the freight planner. An interface to our freight forwarding software from LIS was also important. As an international forwarding group, we mainly travel between Eastern Europe and Germany. With such distances, good, simple communication is worth its weight in gold. But we also benefit immensely from the other features like the driving and rest times which are displayed directly to the driver, the reliability of the navigation, and the indication of arrival time via the navigation system in the SPEDION Portal. All in all, SPEDION makes our job much easier over the entire process. We are also particularly pleased with the way the SPEDION employees look after us."

Mathias Durchdenwald, Managing Director


Ziegelbreite 2
84166 Adlkofen
Tel.: +49 8707 9398 0
Fax: +49 8707 9398 25