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"The SPEDION App is now the third generation of telematics we have used since 1998. Based on this previous experience, our requirements for a new system were clearly defined.

We decided on the SPEDION telematics system for various reasons. We wanted a system that had the possibility to use tablets, that was self-explanatory and simple to operate, with transparent and clear costs –  including the running costs, and also one that would provide flexible solutions tailored to individual requirements.

The mobile devices we use are commercially available tablets. So, in the event of a device failure, a replacement is easy to find, ensuring the integrity of the system. After a test phase, we converted the entire fleet. We use the complete package of modules offered.

We were also able to reduce the telephone communication between head office and drivers to the most essential – without affecting the personal aspect of relationship. The system also increased the flexibility of our vehicle scheduling, with changes communicated instantly to tour processing. With the document management feature, our drivers can receive route descriptions, instructions, tips, appointments or the manual we wrote for the app, which they can reference any time. There is also an interface for WINSPED® from LIS in Greven, the logistics system we have been using since 1989. This allows us to process tours and communicate via the WINSPED® interface without any problems.

The SPEDION team have also been prompt and professional when dealing with our requests for system modifications or support. And they execute these very quickly. The wealth of data provided for processing is enough to produce transparency in many areas. All in all, the SPEDION App was the right decision."

Joachim Feldmann, Managing Director



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