Steinbach GmbH & Co. Spedition KG, Bayreuth

  • Steinbach GmbH & Co. Spedition KG, Bayreuth

"Our goal is for all our logistics requirements and transports to be planned and handled in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner. The SPEDION App and SPEDION Portal App play a significant role here because, with the app, we can optimise route planning; we can choose shorter routes even in the event of traffic disruptions. We can also integrate new orders into the existing route planning and even evaluate the driving behaviour of each driver. This advancement allows us to train drivers more purposely and thereby reduce fuel consumption considerably." – October 2016

Rainer Besold, IT Manager, Steinbach GmbH & Co. Spedition KG


Orionstrasse 7
95448 Bayreuth
Tel.: +49 9 21 79 87 0
Fax: +49 9 21 79 87 890