Werner Spedition Transport & Logistik GmbH, Appenweier

  • Werner Spedition Transport & Logistik GmbH, Appenweier

"When it comes to providing our customers with a full range of transport and logistics services, our motto has always been: We turn visions into reality. Our use of cutting-edge technology reduces our day-to-day workload and is central to the company's green logistics goals or ensuring maximum transparency for our customers. SPEDION, therefore, was a smart choice for us! For example, we can eliminate empty trips, and we always know where our trucks are at any given time. The app has also made communication with the drivers more efficient, and the transmission of the necessary information between dispatch and the vehicle is straightforward and fast. With the SPEDION App, head office and the drivers now also have a good overview of driving and rest times. The system also scores well with reliability and ease of use and connecting it to other freight forwarding or payroll software or petrol station systems all work without any problems." – November 2018

Patrick Kimmig, Freight Forwarding Manager at Werner Spedition Transport & Logistik GmbH


Ludwig-Winter-Straße 9
77767 Appenweier
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