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"As an international freight forwarder for special and heavy transports with more than 50 tractor units and 120 trailers, we have very particular requirements for our telematics system. Without exception, the process must run smoothly. We are glad we decided in favour of SPEDION. The SPEDION App enables us to keep an eye on our large fleet at all times. We always know the driving and resting times of all drivers – this simplifies many things and significantly increases adherence to schedules. We also value the estimated time of arrival, which the driver's navigation system provides. It incorporates driving and resting times, as well as any relevant traffic information, like delays, for example. Consequently, everyone concerned is informed in real-time about the status and arrival time of a vehicle. We also like the simplicity of the hardware. Our drivers are very comfortable with the commercially available tablets, and our costs kept to a minimum." – November 2016

Anton Wocken, Managing Director


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