Hans Wormser AG, Herzogenaurach

  • Hans Wormser AG, Herzogenaurach

"We make a promise to our customers to provide professional quality logistics and work that is always meticulous and reliable. To maintain this promise with even greater confidence, in the autumn of 2016, we switched to the SPEDION App and equipped all 230 of our drivers with a Samsung Galaxy tablet – because they're very stable and easy to replace. Integration into our existing systems and workflows was simple and smooth, due in part to the SPEDION interfaces to our freight forwarding and archiving software, the freight exchanges we use, and our own analysis applications. We benefit enormously from the continuous data exchange between our vehicles, drivers, fleet management and freight planners. For the drivers, the ability to send messages and pictures to different departments is also convenient, so is the truck-friendly navigation system which provides traffic advisories. And the intuitively designed multilingual menu navigation makes the application easy to use. Not only has the SPEDION App and the SPEDION Portal App given us a complete overview of our fleet, independent of the workplace, but they have also increased the professionalism with which we do business." – February 2018

Klaus Bogumil, Fleet Manager, Hans Wormser AG


Konrad-Wormser-Straße 1
91074 Herzogenaurach
Tel.: +49 9132 903 0
Fax: +49 9132 903 259