Jürgen Lauser GmbH, Wiernsheim

  • Jürgen Lauser GmbH, Wiernsheim

"With the implementation of the SPEDION App about four years ago, the communications in our forwarding business has been dramatically simplified. Whereas in the past, freight planners had to phone drivers to find out where they were and how long they would be on the road, today a glance at a screen is now all that's required, which is not only faster but more transparent and easier to understand.

The application itself is clear and easy to use for everybody involved, and it has always been very reliable. At the moment, we mainly use the vehicle location and messages features, but we plan to introduce order management down the track. We are delighted with the SPEDION App." – February 2016

Philipp Lauser, Managing Director


Im Steinbühl 5
D-75446 Wiernsheim
Tel.: +49 70 41 8 10 60
Fax: +49 70 41 81 06 66