minicar callcar citycar, München

  • minicar callcar citycar, München

'We introduced the SPEDION App into our transport agency of over 100 vehicles and 70 fixed subcontractors in the autumn of 2012. Since then, driver support times have been reduced considerably and coordination of our subcontractors is much faster. The app runs smoothly and is faster than one we previously used. It is very reliable and it displays feedback to the freight planners within seconds. What the app offers has proven instantly practicable and drivers like using it very much. As devices go, we use a rugged handheld computer, the Pidion GDP-6000. For those tough daily tasks, our drivers need heavy-duty devices that can be dropped or that may have to be used in pouring rain.' – May 2014

Martin Progl, Managing Director


Stahlgruberring 3
81829 München
Tel.: +49 089 4204220
Fax: +49 089 4204242