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  • Pickelmann GmbH, Betzenstein

"In the past, our drivers would submit a written weekly report on their trips and refuelling. Today, after the introduction of the SPEDION App, this is no longer necessary. Now the system automatically generates a complete, accurate monthly report for each employee. Thanks to SPEDION, this development is just one example of how our company's processes have been simplified and streamlined. With the SPEDION Portal, we have a complete overview of the driving and resting times of all our drivers and vehicles, and we can respond quickly to any unscheduled deviations. Not only does the driver have an up-to-the-minute overview of their work times, but they also receive genuine support while on the road. For example, there's a special navigation feature that directs the driver to a pre-set destination, like a company-preferred petrol station, for instance. In this way, with fewer distractions, the driver can concentrate on the core task at hand – to make it safely to the customer." – May 2017

Patrick Fleischmann, IT Supervisor, Pickelmann GmbH


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