Yusen Logistics (Deutschland) GmbH, Düsseldorf

  • Yusen Logistics (Deutschland) GmbH, Düsseldorf

"In 2012, after searching for a manufacturer-independent telematics solution that was flexible, user-friendly, and a sound investment with excellent support, we eventually settled on SPEDION. And happily – our requirements and expectations were not just met, but exceeded. The SPEDION App is a winner with our 40 or so drivers due to the smooth operation of the touchscreen and simple menu navigation. Drivers can operate the system almost immediately without the need for lengthy training. This means they get real support with everyday situations out on the road from day one. Freight fowarding and management also appreciate the reliable support the SPEDION team provides and the attractive price-performance ratio – and no contractual obligations. Being modular in design, we can modify and expand the system at any time, allowing us to respond quickly and with great flexibility to any new requirements or customer demands, leaving us well-positioned into the future." – May 2017

Dirk Groppe, Automotive Operations Manager, Yusen Logistics GmbH


Theodorstraße 299
40472 Düsseldorf
Tel.: +49 211 418540