Notable SPEDION customers

Our SPEDION customers get the thumbs up! It is always rewarding to hear that another company has chosen our professional, modern, user-friendly telematics solution the SPEDION App for their fleet management. However, the trade journal VerkehrsRundschau (VR) has also chosen three of our customers, Weigand Transporte, Nord-Spedition and Alfred Schuon – but for another reason. All three companies were nominated for the VR 'Award for Training', a biennial award established for the first time this year. The jury was impressed with their excellent concepts for promoting young talent. The winner of the prize was the family-owned company Weigand Transporte, and you can find details of the jury's decision here.

Congratulations to all three companies! Each one of them is an outstanding example of how to overcome the shortage of skilled workers in the freight forwarding industry. Copy-cats are welcome – and wanted! Perhaps we'll be congratulating your company for winning next year's VR 'Award for Training'?