Sit back and relax with SPEDION

With the mobile telematics solution the SPEDION App, the web portal the SPEDIONline, and the mobile controller, the SPEDION Portal App, our users have everything they need, right in their hands or within easy reach, to manage a competitive, modern fleet company. So you can sit back and relax.

And for those who have yet to hear our message, we've made another memorable advertisement for you. This latest ad presents our popular SPEDION user from previous campaigns in his familiar, carefree state, as he invites you to join him, sit back and relax.

And if you're yet to experience the peace of mind that our solutions can offer your business, don't worry – we can fix that immediately! Our friendly SPEDION team is looking forward to showing you all the features of our professional solutions and how they can benefit your fleet company – without obligation. Please don't hesitate to contact us!