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Telematics and telemetry provide operational data for optimal management of your transport company. The data forms the basis for your analyses and controlling and help you improve fleet planning and management, particularly in areas like vehicle utilisation, driver management, and fuel economy. Following an extensive personal consultation, we can then supply and install all the necessary technical infrastructure and implement the solution for you.

The advantages of SPEDION Telematics

Your Telematicsspecialist

Developing telematics systems for the transport industry has been SPEDION GmbH's primary focus since we started in 2003. Our years of experience in the logistics industry and our managing directors' backgrounds in long-distance transportation have proven significantly beneficial to our customers. We have also focused on developing new concepts for cutting-edge products based on our thorough understanding of a freight company's order processing requirements.

Then in 2010, our managing directors, Günter Englert and Wolfram Grohse, with their keen eye for trends, began working on a novel solution, a mobile telematics application for any Android device, the SPEDION App. We introduced the app to the market in 2011, and freight carriers now had a powerful tool to organise and visualise their business processes.

The SPEDION App is suitable for large, small, and mixed fleets and has comparatively low investment costs for a full-featured professional telematics solution. We will also carefully evaluate each customer's business situation and needs before giving them advise or product suggestions.

What drives innovation and product development at SPEDION?
We get ideas for new market trends from our ongoing conversations with our customers. And because we are experts in our field, you can count on us for efficient, budget-friendly solutions that meet all of your requirements.
Image Günter Englert

Günter Englert

Managing Director - SPEDION GmbH

No long-term commitment

Is SPEDION telematics also worthwhile for small fleets?
The SPEDION App's comprehensive range of features comes at a low investment cost, which makes it suitable for small transport companies and fleets operating hundreds of vehicles.
Image Bernd Schoob

Bernd Schoob

Business Development - SPEDION GmbH

The costs for using the SPEDION App are entirely transparent due to a needs-based pay-per-use pricing structure. And there are no long-term commitments. All you pay is a one-time setup fee and the monthly cost of your chosen service package. However, no charges would apply if a vehicle's non-use rendered the SPEDION App inactive for the duration of a billing month.

We're more than happy to discuss the modular pricing and billing structure of our various service packages with you, as well as the option to arrange training for your employees.

Commercially available hardware, no-fuss installation

All mobile devices running the Android operating system are compatible with the Spedion App – you are not tied to any particular hardware. The cost of suitable, commercially available tablets and smartphones is also reasonable and easy to estimate. Depending on your requirements, devices can either be fixed directly inside the vehicle or used handheld.

The SPEDION App requires minimal hardware, making the installation process quick, simple, and inexpensive. Tablets and smartphones require constant power but can be connected to your vehicle's standard power outlet. A set of cables is needed to connect the FMS, the tachograph, and the power source to the SPEDION TruckBox E – and your cellular network is used for all other wireless connections necessary for data transmission and recording.

What are the requirements for using SPEDION telematics?
We are more than happy to provide you with comprehensive advice prior to purchasing any required hardware, including which mobile devices our customers have had the best experiences with when using the SPEDION App. Make use of our expert know-how!
Image Wolfram Grohse

Wolfram Grohse

Managing Director - SPEDION GmbH

Easy integration into existing IT infrastructure

How would a SPEDION truck telematics system benefit my business?
By establishing connections with all the IT systems that operate along your transport chain, we can digitalise your work processes. Using your telematics and telemetry data in this way, you can manage countless downstream workflows.
Image Karl-Josef Daume

Karl-Josef Daume

Business Development - SPEDION GmbH

Our wide range of interfaces with other software suppliers makes it easy to integrate a SPEDION solution into your existing IT infrastructure.

Once the SPEDION App is installed, it is connected to your freight forwarding system. SPEDION also has a variety of interfaces that work with all the most common transportation management systems (TMS). Finally, all you need to read the digital data from the tachograph is the SPEDION TruckBox E.

Whether you're archiving and analysing digital tachograph data, recording working hours, calculating wages and expenses, or integrating a tyre pressure monitoring system or a trailer telematics solution, all of this information will be available to help you optimise your processes.

As a result of our partnerships, the telematics and telemetry data that has been collected is at your disposal to help you organise your business processes more proactively.

Precise planning thanks to accurate arrival times.

How does SPEDION assist the dispatcher with route planning?
With SPEDION, dispatchers and drivers always have the latest information on the delivery status, estimated arrival time and delays. This oversight allows you to reschedule the delivery if necessary with greater flexibility.
Image Frank Michalk

Frank Michalk

Business Development - SPEDION GmbH

Part I of the new EU Mobility Package has been in effect since August 2020. It includes Regulation 2020/1054, passed by the European Parliament to amend the rules governing driving and rest times for transport company drivers. SPEDION App users can easily apply the new regulations because they have been integrated into the app since version 8.8.

Since autumn 2016, the estimated time of arrival (ETA) feature of the SPEDION App has taken into account both the actual driving and rest times and the current traffic conditions. This method of calculating arrival time significantly improved delivery route planning and efficiency.

Users who take advantage of the up-to-the-minute delivery status messages have the ability to influence processes downstream. They can, for example, reschedule time slots at the ramp and even improve the customer's workflow.

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