Hergarten GmbH Stahlspedition, Köln

"We switched our entire fleet over to the SPEDION app at the beginning of this year, and we have already benefited immensely from the changes after a fairly short time. The simplified communication between the drivers and the dispatchers at the head office is particularly impressive.

Now we can communicate easily, quickly and uniformly with all drivers on the road. Drivers can call up all the data relevant to them in the vehicle at any time - such as the status of their driving and resting times. The app shows the driver exactly how much longer they can stay behind the wheel and when they need to take a break. Fortunately, annoying phone calls or typing text messages are a thing of the past.

Drivers can also use the app in emergencies, for example in the event of a breakdown or accident. They simply take a photo of the damage with their tablet and send the photo directly to the control centre. This allows us to react much more quickly to unforeseen events." – August 2016

Marcel Hergarten, Managing Director


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